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Orchard, duvet cover set

Pillowcase 60 cm x 50 cm and duvet cover 150 cm x 210 cm

Pillowcases and duvet covers are individually made with attention to details. We use trims to enhance the appearance of linen and therefore it is important to gently stretch the trims back into shape after washing. We also recommend ironing to restore the satin glossiness.

For linen you can have the color of the trims of your choice and for duvet cover you can choose the color of the one-colored underside. Currently available trim colors are white, red, turquoise, dark green and dark grey and color options of underside are white, dark green as in Wild Clover fabric and blue as in Sea of Viola fabric. If you would like to choose the colors yourself, tell us your choices in the comment field of the order confirmation.

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