Orchard, folding umbrella, black edition

Diameter 95 cm, folded length 27 cm

This fully automatic umbrella can be easily folded into a small size and can be opened and closed by pressing a button.

The umbrella's environmentally friendly fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles (RPET). The umbrella is equipped with a high-quality 3M reflective tape that surrounds the edge of the umbrella and can be seen from far away in the dark, protecting pedestrians from traffic hazards even in low visibility. 

The umbrella has a sturdy steel shaft and durable ribbings that can flexibly withstand strong winds. The umbrella's wind-resistant mechanism can withstand even the strongest winds, and if the ribs are turned upside down by the wind, the umbrella can be easily and smoothly restored to its original shape by pressing a button, without damaging the fiberglass frame. The umbrella comes with a one-year manufacturing defect warranty. We will repair or replace the umbrella if it breaks during normal use.

The umbrella can be easily carried by sliding an elastic wrist strap over your wrist, and the rubber-coated ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip even in wet weather. A storage bag that closes with a Velcro strip is also included, making it easy to carry the umbrella in a purse or backpack when unexpected rain hits. The storage bag also has a 3M reflective tape sewn on its edge, making you visible in the dark even if you no longer use the umbrella but let it swing from the wrist strap.

Unlike typical umbrellas, the black Tarha umbrella has a double layer fabric and a yellow underside that illuminates the user who would otherwise be in the shade.

49,00 €


Pekka Kaipiainen freely changing the original art work of Birger Kaipiainen

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