Sunday morning, bolster pillow

60 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm, inner pillow is included in the price (except for orders outside the EU) 

You can have the color of the pillow's trim of your choice.

Our decorative pillows have zippers which makes washing of the pillowcase easy. We will choose the color of the zipper to match the fabric and trim.

For a bolster pillow you can select the colors of the pillow ends according to your taste. By default we use the same fabric for the entire pillow.

If you would like to choose the colors of the trim, the zipper or pillow ends, tell us your choices in the comment field of the order confirmation.

Pillowcases can be machine washed in 60 degrees and we recommend ironing after washing. For inner cushions the recommended washing temperature is 40 degrees. The price of a decorative pillow includes an inner cushion filled with non-allergenic polyester wadding. If you don't want an inner cushion, use coupon code NOCUSHION in checkout and you will receive a discount of 4 euros for each pillow you order.

55,00 €

Pekka Kaipiainen freely changing the original art work of Birger Kaipiainen

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