Wild clover, acrylic coated cotton, eur/m

Width 142 cm.

Kuovi's coated cotton (aka oilcloth or wax fabric) is made of 100% cotton which is coated with water-based acrylic. This makes our wax fabric thinner and more environmentally friendly than the traditional PVC wax fabric. The acrylic coating retains the softness, lightness and fabric-like feel of the fabric while providing good protection against dirt in daily use. The acrylic coating also improves the sun (UV) resistance of the fabric.

Fabric can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Strongly staining foods such as carrots, peppers and curry should be wiped off as soon as possible so that the color does not get absorbed into the cotton fibers leaving a permanent stain. The fabric can be machine-washed in 40°C away from other textiles. Do not soak or use spinning. The fabric can be ironed from the bottom side with mild heat.

Minimum order quantity for fabrics is one meter. You can enter the length with one centimeter accuracy in decimal format e.g. 2,52 = 2 m 52 cm.

39,00 €


Pekka Kaipiainen freely changing the original art work of Birger Kaipiainen

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