Birger Kaipiainen had observed birds since childhood. A classmate nicknamed Curlew taught him bird watching at Old City Bay in Helsinki. According to the classmate birds have clocks on their chests which helps them to choose the right time for the migration flight. Birger’s curlew first had a clock on its neck, later down the body and sometimes clocks covered its sides almost entirely.
The curlew theme experienced one of its highlights in the Finnish stand at the Milan Triennale in 1960. The half-dozen curlews fascinated the audience and Birger was awarded a Grand Prix.

Source: Design Museum publication N:o 32, 1989


Mother curlew, cotton sateen, eur/m

34,00 €

Perl curlew, cotton sateen, 3 m

95,00 €

Large mother curlew, flax pillow

49,00 €


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